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What is a good/reputable breeder?

A good breeder provides safe nurturing conditions for their dogs and looks out for any dogs they place with other owners. The dogs' welfare should always be their top priority.

A good breeder will ask lots of questions to insure that they have a puppy that is well suited to your family as well as to make sure the two of you are able to build a relationship that will hopefully last well beyond the years of your Berner.

A good breeder will know the tiniest things about their puppies....personalities, needs, strengths and weaknesses thus allowing for a great placement. Every Berner is different and each one should be assessed individually and placed accordingly.

A good breeder is committed to gathering and sharing information regarding their dogs and their offspring so a good breeder will want to maintain contact with their puppy buyers to insure they gather all the information about their puppies.

A good breeder is dedicated to you and your dog for the lifetime of the dog should you have any questions, concerns or need advice regardless of how big or small! This is your biggest asset, to work with someone who KNOWS their breed.

A good breeder will never tell you their dogs come from pedigrees with no health problems. If there were such a line ALL breeders would be using it. The fact is that all berner/dog pedigrees contain both good and bad.... just like with people!

A good breeder will not sell breeding/show stock to owners that are not seriously interested in pursuing the education needed to be considered "in" this breed.

A good breeder will require a contract and give you this before there is any exchange of money, including a deposit.

A good breeder will take pride in their dogs and how they live with their family. They will welcome you to their home and beam with pride when introducing you to their dogs.

A good breeder will NEVER sell pups or dogs to agents, brokers, pet shops or through auction.

A good breeder will accept a dog back into their care at any time during the dogs life if circumstance call for it for any reason.

A good breeder lives with their dogs and can answer any questions you would have regarding their dogs. Be it personality, age, strengths or pedigree.

A good breeder doesn't breed multiple breeds, raise the pups in kennels or outside or consider their dogs as a means of a living. If you breed dogs the right way there is just no way to "make" money doing it.

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