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About the breed and our programme

There are plenty of resources on the web about the wonderful breed we all love. A simple Google search on Bernese Mountain Dogs will return a good range of pages and sites to start with. Dogs are pack animals in nature but Berners are particularly gregarious creatures who thrive as members of a family. Our dogs are potential breeding stock but first and foremost they are our companions - an integral part of our family. We do not keep our dogs in cages or crates. The lounge and play where they wish. While we don't have a large property they do have space to play in. With all the space they have we almost always find them within a 5 metre radius around us.

We feed our dogs a raw unprocessed diet, a combination of:

  • Raw meat: beef, venison, or mutton with tripe and offal
  • Meaty bones
  • Fish, eggs and goats milk
  • A supplement of salmon oil

Our breeding programme is aimed towards improving the breed in general, starting from our own dogs. In selecting breeding potentials we look to preserve and improve the physical soundness, temperament, and type in every litter.

We have included some resources on our links page and these podcasts are excellent starting points for things we have to be mindful of with our Berners, and dogs in general.

Keep an eye on the latest news for litter plans. In the meantime please contact us if you're interested in Berners in general, or perhaps looking for a puppy/adult in the future. Puppies are occasionally available to approved homes. Our puppies will be wormed, vaccinated and micro-chipped, with a complimentary 1 year membership to the Bernese Mountain Dog Club. Puppies placed in new homes are not for breeding purposes.

On a more humourus note, our beloved breed suffers from considerable amount of mistaken identity. We have encountered veterinary staff who do not recognise the breed, nor care enough about them to find out more. As a result our breed has also been called "Burmese Mountain Dogs" - much to our eternal irritation! Some people around the world who have the sense of humour and excess of time in their hands have made excellent attempts at mocking the great ignorant unwashed masses by composing these websites. Hope you enjoy these as much as we did :o) www.burmesemountaindog.org - www.burmesemountaindog.info

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