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WhenSaturday, November 08, 2014
NameAnn miller
CommentLove these dogs!
WhenSaturday, March 19, 2011
NameBente + Bruno
CommentHallo, we wish you all the best for your future breed. You have a great Hompepage for Bernese Mountain Dogs, From Germany, Regards Bente + Bruno
WhenSaturday, October 02, 2010
NameWil Kettmann
CommentI found your website via a link and find that you have great Berners, I am in possession of Mac Ghandor Easy Living Georgiana's brother Dutch champions Easy Living ... tu check out my site I will link to your site Best regards from the distant Netherlands, Wil and Jeanne, and a thick lebber Mac Ghandor
WhenSunday, April 04, 2010
NameXaver and Xena
Comment_, ’__’~,_______________,,,,_ /______’’~-,,_________,-’____’-,~~-, |__________¯’~-,_____,’__/____’,__’-, ’,_______________’-,__|__/_______,’ _’~-,_______________|_|_________/ ___¯’’’’~~~~~~~’______|,,,_______/ _____________’-,___’_~.~’.’-,____/ ______________/’____OO_’~--~~’ _____________-’-___,-~¯¯~-,____’-, ___________,-’______’~-,,,-~’_____’, __________/___________,_,-_____/ __________’,_____,_;’___|__/____,’ ___________’-,_____’’’~-~"~~"_,~’ ____________’~--,,____’~~’_,-’ ________________|’’____~’,-, _______________/___,_____’~-~""~-, ______________/___,,--’~--,,_,,-__)__) _____________/____-’_______’~,~’"" ____________/_~’_________)_,,_ ___________|_____________}__""~, ___________,__________,,,--~’¯__¯’~, ____________’~-,,,,,,________~-,_’-, ________________’~-,,________,),--" Happy Easter
WhenThursday, March 25, 2010
NameKate Groundwater
LocationTe Anau, New Zealand
CommentWow you have some beautiful dogs. One of them is a real monster in size, far bigger than my boy.
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