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Savitar is one of the newest Bernese Mountain Dog kennels in New Zealand. We are Dany Wu and Kash Patel from Amberley. We are both Software Developers. Dany was previously a Geophysicist, and was once at risk of becoming an eternal student. His two passions in life are information technology and Bernese Mountain Dogs. The former has been in his life for longer than he cares to remember. The latter is a much more recent part of his life mainly due to living conditions. He is actively involved in the breed, previously as a Committee member, and currently as Vice President of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club (Inc) New Zealand.

Dogs have almost always been a part of our family life. Dany's father had numerous dogs in the past, including Rottweilers and Boxers. He showed Boxers in our younger days in Jakarta. Having moved from Indonesia, to Australia, then eventually to New Zealand meant a long gap in his life without dogs. Having high risk of becoming an eternal student also added to the unsuitability of having dogs. All in all Dany had to wait nearly two decades before he could share his life with a dog.

Fast forward to 2005...it was a year of momentous events. Earlier that year we bought our first house. It did not take long to decide time has come for them to share their lives with a dog. Fortunately there was a breeder nearby, Linda and Chris Jury from Schallenberg kennel. All their puppies at the time were spoken for but Linda kindly put them on to Lisa Stevenson from Anahera kennel. Amity had just been mated and the wait for a puppy began with much excitement and anticipation. It was not long before Lisa rang with the great news that Amity had a puppy for them! The excitement and long wait was almost unbearable!

The joyous period of waiting was sadly marred by Dany's father's sudden passing a very short time before Christmas. To this day one of the few regrets in life was being unable to share his love for dogs with his father. They met baby Hurley for the first time two days before Christmas 2005.

Hurley arrived home Here is a photo of 8 weeks old Hurley, all 8 kg of him, moments after setting paws on his new home

Kash has also had at least one dog in her family. Lucy was the beloved family dog for much of Kash's life, with Archie and Rover sharing their time with the family at different stages. Ever since Lucy passed away dogs have always been in the back of her mind while waiting for the right time and circumstances. That time and circumstances has finally come right. We are now a complete family that cannot be more perfect, except perhaps with more Berners :o)

Fast forward past all the gooey warm-fuzzy stuff...and Linda Jury has proven herself right. She warned us that Berners are highly addictive when we first met her. Early in 2007 we looked around for a companion for Hurley, with the intention of getting a girl at a later stage to potentially start my breeding programme. Fate would have it that we first ended up with a second boy, Sergio and, a month later, Essie arrived. Now we cannot imagine how we ever lived without Berners in our lives. To iterate something that's been mentioned by others about these wonderful dogs - they simply complete our lives! Even the most difficult of days are made easier when you come home to a Berner hug or three. First and foremost Hurley, Sergio, and Essie are members of our family, along with our two cats, Pat (the oldest girl in the family) and Blue (the oldest boy in the family).

We invite you to share our passion for Bernese Mountain Dogs. Drop us a line and share your thoughts and stories.

BizSpark_StartupOur passion for Information Technology has lead us to form Code Dogs Limited, a startup company supported by Microsoft BizSpark programme. We specialise in online services, Microsoft web and desktop applications, and website designs. We welcome any inquiries on any IT-related needs.

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